Various types of cancer pose a significant challenge for patients, clinicians, and the healthcare system. In Germany, all data regarding the occurrence, treatment, and outcome are reported and federally analyzed by cancer registries funded by individual states. Given the different structures of those registries and the noisy nature of the data, working with the reported is challenging.

Artificial Intelligence for CAncer REgistration and Research (AI CARE) is a BMG-funded innovation project related to the call “Combining cancer registries and using them intelligently”. It addresses two questions:

  • Can complex cancer registry data be processed, improved, and merged using artificial intelligence (AI) methods to be more accessible for oncological quality assurance and research?
  • How can evaluations of cancer registry data with AI methods meaningfully supplement the classic evaluation spectrum of oncological health services research?

Thirteen diverse partners, consisting of experts in cancer registration, medical informatics, and artificial intelligence, are working on the joint project. Funded for three years, the project will allow a new level of research with benefits for all actors within the German health system.

Contact: Christopher Gundler