Join us at Bernhard Nocht Institute and online for the ‘AI in biology and Medicine’ seminar series!

bAIome Center for biomedical AI (UKE) and Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM) are co hosting this series with the aim to capture a broad audience and promote cross institutional collaboration. Our expert speakers will give an overview and insight into particular AI/data science methods being developed in key areas of biology and medicine.

This coming Tuesday Mar 05th, 14:00 at BNITMRené Werner, deputy director and group leader at Institute for Applied Medical Informatics, UKE, will speak about how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing biomedical imaging. Deep learning-based superresolution is capable of overcoming physical resolution limits in microscopy and other imaging modalities. Such or similar formulations can often be found, both in scientific articles and in general literature. But what is behind such sentences? In this seminar we will take a look at related image-to-image translation tasks, underlying problem formulations, prominent works, and current trends and limitations in the field.

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Meeting-ID: 830 6249 0144
Kenncode: 117496