learn_bAIome is a program of learning opportunities in biomedical AI/data science with tailored formats based on the needs of students clinicians, and researchers. We offer workshops and trainings within a structured framework which take into account background, programming skills and intensity to provide unique, focused, and effective courses. The courses are free and open to students, clinicians, and researchers across academic institutions in Hamburg.

Upcoming workshops:

Data Literacy with focus on data interpretation through data mining 24th, 25th, 26th July 2024. Registration for this workshop is open!

Previous workshops:

Machine Learning in Practice (intermediate level) May 2024

Introduction to Machine Learning in Python April 2024

Introduction to Data analysis in R  March 2024

Data Literacy mit Fokus auf Dateninterpretation durch Data Mining  March 2024

Spatial Transcriptomics for Beginners September 2023

Image Computation & AI Workshop June 2023